Billing Policy

Only verified PayPal email: ( @CharlesWithC#7777's account)
Only verified Patreon account: charlws and CHub Support
If anyone is asking you to send money to other accounts, it's scam and please open a ticket to report it to us!

All the setup process is done automatically. Manual operation might be needed if errors occur.
After the setup from the website, @CHub#9248 will interact with you for payments in Discord.

You should subscribe to "automatic / recurring subscription" with buttons on, and you must send development / plugin payment (one-time) to our PayPal account whose email is
You may not use automatic subscription for security concerns (PayPal didn't make it clear about the billing agreement that we can only execute a fixed, specific amount of money on a specific day of the month / year).

Alternatively, you might use Patreon if you don't have a PayPal account. You have to subscribe to the tier and make a custom pledge for the development / plugin cost (you should cancel the custom pledge once the payment is sent).
Remind that the price is higher due to fees and payments can only be checked manually, the development / plugin price is 110% of the original price.

General rules
During setup, if subscription payment is not made, we reserve the right to terminate the service and refund your development / plugin payment. If development payment is not made, we reserve the right to remove specific plugins from your Drivers Hub.
After the first subscription payment, if further subscription payments are not made, we reserve the right to suspend and terminate your Drivers Hub (see Subscription Policy below).

Subscription Policy
You are required to send subscription payment before / on due date. The due date is the same day of the month / year as when you subscribed our service.
If you didn't send payment after due date, or the automatic subscription failed, you'll be warned to send the payment for up to 3 times before the Drivers Hub is terminated (see detailed terms below).
Note If you are able to provide a valid reason, we might consider to extend your due date for the current month, the maximum length is 1 month.
3 days after due date / extended due date, we'll consider you forget the payment and send a warning. The Drivers Hub will be accessible and data will be preserved.
7 days after due date / extended due date, we'll suspend your Drivers Hub and send the 2nd warning. The Drivers Hub will not be accessible but data are preserved and the service can be resumed after the payment is received.
14 days after due date / extended due date, we'll terminate your Drivers Hub. All data will be deleted and not recoverable.
Note We encourage you to actively communicate with the staff team about your billing situation. We could make slight changes if you're really in difficulty. We are not responsible for data loss in Drivers Hub in any case if we've fulfilled our responsibility of reminding and providing the service.

Refund Policy
i) Drivers Hub Setup (Development / Plugin) Payment
Setup payment (including the $10 included in the recurring subscription when you subscribe, and the additional development cost payment) is paid one-time and not refundable.
ii) Subscription
You may request to cancel the subscription. The service will be terminated on the next due date. You may request a refund for the remaining days of the last subscription payment and get the service terminated immediately.
Note You must contact staff team (via Discord or Email) to cancel the subscription. If you cancelled the automatic subscription via PayPal, it'll not be considered a valid cancellation and Subscription Policy will be active when handling the suspension / termination of the service.

Refusal of Service
We reserve the right to refuse providing service to any entities. They will be fully refunded and their service will be terminated without notices. They will also be banned from our Discord community.
Note We may only refuse to provide service and terminate service and refund during setup period. The setup period is considered as the first 14 days after the Drivers Hub is set up.

You can request an invoice for subscription payment or for setup payment.

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